Gathering at the Edge Day 3 – Studio and Self Guided Tours

Gathering Day 3 – Sunday, April 3, 2016
After meeting over breakfast in the hotel Gatherers took in hand their specially marked-up maps and a sources list highlighting art, textile and fibre shops; gardens in full spring bloom; art galleries and nearby eating establishments and headed off on self-guided tours of the area.
Some had booked a tour of my garden and studio at 11:00 that morning.

I’m not sure what I am explaining here.

Inside the studio, I shared the concept plan for the Backyard Project.

Then I gave a quick tour around the studio.

The second group arrived at 12:00 noon for the next tour.

Here I am showing maps for the Sun/Shade analysis for the backyard area, an early stage in the planning process.
A couple of hours later I raced back to Coast Collective to meet up with Barbara McCaffrey and Judi MacLeod and her husband.

One last look around at the work.

Then it was time to take all the work down and pack it in 2 large shipping crates to be sent on to the Sunshine Coast for the next showing from July 9th to August 21.
And that was it – the Gathering at the Edge -3 days of wonderful networking, making new friends, renewing old; and together: experiencing, sharing and learning.

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