Hand Block Resist Dyed Textile

Stage 9 – Dabu mud-resist is applied where the 1st shade of indigo blue needs to be kept. Dabu can withstand a maximum of 4 dips into the indigo vat.

Stage 10 – The textile is immersed again into the indigo vat & spread in the sun to develop the colour.

Stage 11 – The textile is washed to remove the mud & loose dye. The result is a textile with 2 shades of red, 2 shades of blue, black on white background & magenta where indigo over-dyes red.
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  1. chrissythreads

    Hi Lesley,
    Can’t believe the number of photos you took on your trip-they’re all really interesting it must have been a wonderful trip! How are you doing with the new module?


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