‘Hands Around the World’ in Christ Church Cathedral

In the Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, there is an exhibition of 11 international textile murals. It is the ‘Creative Peace Mural Project which aims to link and celebrate communities around the world’.
This mural was made in Morioka Japan in 2010 as a community project with the makers’ hand prints making up the border. The inner panel shows what the people of Morioka decided makes up their history, geography and culture.

The project started in Victoria as a millennium project. Since then the project, with the accumulating number of textiles, has traveled to 8 different countries. The completion of each textile is celebrated with a community event involving local dancing, music and culture.

Each panel is made up of 10 vertical panels, 5m x 2m. ‘This panel design allows the completed mural to be easily packaged for shipping’. 
The paneled design looks familiar to Victorian’s because the textile designer was Carole Sabiston.
Behind the alter in the cathedral is a large work by Carole constructed in her signature panel technique. By working in panels she is able to make the large scaled commissioned work she is well known for.
‘The Forest Primeval’, 5 x 2′ x 10′ panels.
Victoria’s Christ Church Cathedral is well worth a visit by textile enthusiasts. Most of the ornament inside the building is textile based – they are everywhere and some of them change with church calendar. Elaine Ellison is the Sacristan where it is her job to make sure the right textiles (and the other items) are installed for each  event.
 It is bit of a treasure hunt trying to find all of the banners, panels, hangings, flags, cloths, kneelers etc within the church.

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