Human Anatomy

The Opus BA module I am doing this semester is Visual Studies where the whole focus is on drawing the human form. We are advised to take a figure drawing class which I did for an intensive week at Red Deer Collage during Series. It is also recommended we study a real human skeleton. I have seen skeletons when I go to the chiropractor and physiothrapist but I haven’t had the opportunity to study one. Then I found the book ‘New Atlas of Human Anatomy The first 3D Anatomy based on the National Library of Medicine’s Visual Human Project, general editor: Thomas McCracken. To get the amazing images, 1mm thick cross sections of a frozen cadaver where photographed. A computer processed the info in these images to generate accurate 3D images which are printed in the book. I have been studying the images of bones, tendons & muscles as I practice drawing the human form.

This book reminded me of another student’s entry in the ACAD Artawearness IIX performance. Amy Malbeuf made a series of anatomical costumes where each one showed a different system in the human body.

It was a weird sensation to see each system in motion. With the black costume in low lighting one didn’t notice the rest of the human form. It was as though Amy had taken the images in the book to the next stage and put them in motion.

Amy said, “It was a comment on our society’s emphasis on over-consumption & superficiality.” Great work Amy. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next year.
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  1. arlee

    Truly amazing! I have a fascination with the “inner workings” as well, and thank you for these photos–

    Am i emailing to the correct address in your header to ask about “The Free Spirits” group?????


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