Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts

I just got word the Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts has started to set up their web site, http://www.jctextilearts.com/ This will be a very interesting site to watch because of the innovative contemporary work the students are producing.
Presently I am working my way through the 10th of 18 modules towards a BA(Hons) in Embroidered Textiles. I am working on Fine Art Embroidery and I am fortunate to have Ruth Issett, the queen of colour, as my tutor. I have weekly phone tutorials with her where we discuss what I have done during the past week while looking at my Picasa Web album where I have added images of my work. It is a very effective way to learn independently knowing you have support and guidance along the way.

The Fine Art Embroidery module is about working out gender specifics on garments then developing your ideas from this study. Here I looked at females when they are covered.

This is a page of images of cross gender garments for protection.
Now I have to take one of the many ideas I have come up with and take it further: drawing, sampling and finally producing a finished work. It’s all very interesting in the way it raises lots of social issues for me. .

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  1. Anonymous

    I am considering courses at JC and would appreciate a candid view of your experience there. I have 3 years of education in Fine Arts from Calgary University and 37 years of fibre experience ranging from spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, quilting, embroidery, felting to name a few.
    Thanks for any information you can afford me. Magdala mrutherford@mcsnet.ca


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