Julia Caprara’s Buttonhole Textile

I found some more images of the work I posted yesterday. This close up shows the work with the 3rd layer – the buttonhole stitch starting to be built up.

The buttonhole stitch works to blend and highlight specific areas of the textile.

This is another work using Julia’s technique. It is a Rockies scene where fireweed is colonising an alluvial deposit. I still need to work in more of the buttonhole stitched flowers before it is finished.

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0 thoughts on “Julia Caprara’s Buttonhole Textile

  1. Judy Martin

    Lesley, these pieces of yours are gorgeous. They do seem to capture the rugged beauty of Canada. Thanks for posting them. I can see why you feel so indebted to Julia Caprara.

  2. arlee

    Thank you for all of these retrospective/introspective posts about Julia.
    I shall have to add this to the arsenal as i’ve been doing a lot of hand stitching lately.


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