Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, New Zealand

Here am I surrounded by Audrey Boyle’s ‘Tribute’, (dress fabric, Dacron, irrigation tube).
From Audrey’s artist statement: ‘Having worked with vines from nature, most recently Kareao (Supplejack) that once covered this very land, I decided to replicate the fern and its linear quality with all of its lumps and bumps and give it back to nature.’

Blair Fraser ‘Laughing No More’, (Oamaru stone, wood).
From Blair’s artist statement: ‘The Whekau or Laughing Owl is no more, it is extinct.’

Alysn Midgelow Marsden, ‘Change’, (fabric, PTFE thread, stainless steel cable).

From Alysn’s artist statement: ‘The form of the cocoon is understood as a place where transformation occurs; an apparent miracle, an alchemic change within a quiet contained form. The form shows occasional involuntary quivers as it is suspended. It is rocked by both its internal changes and the forces of the world around it.
The question has to be ‘what is going on inside?’ What will emerge? Will it be fabulous or frightening, camouflaged or brilliantly coloured?

Mia Hamilton, ‘Daisy Blanket’, (heavy duty plastic danger tape, crocheted twine).

From Mia’s artist statement: ‘Mia Hamilton remembers the ‘daisy blanket’ her mum and dad made as a child. Dad sheared the sheep and spun the wool whilst Mum made the daisies on an old wooden bloom loom and crocheted them together.
Just a few of the 51 sculptures in the gardens.

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