‘Know Your Place – Ideas In Art Form’ Exhibition at Tulista Gallery, Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sherley Gordon Edey has invited 7 other artists working in different media to exhibit their work with her photography while exploring the many layers of meaning in the statement
‘Know Your Place’

Sherley presents her work in a wide variety of formats, including video and keeps the viewer looking for the story. Often several different stories will emerge from one collection.

The artists who have joined her: Colleen Golumbia, Norma Lofthouse, Dale MacEwan, Terry Murray, Pamela Truscott-White, Lesley Turner, Jean Weller, tell their stories about knowing their place through their own media: clay, wood, baste fibres, fabric.
It all makes for a most stimulating exploration of the theme.
Starting nearly 150 years ago twelve percent of the earth’s land mass was divided up by a straight line grid system, a system now deeply ingrained in western Canadian rural culture. A hierarchy of roads and fence lines mark the boundaries of land ownership. Land parcels have been passed from one generation to the next and continue to be bought and sold. The boundaries of one’s place are still defined by those original Dominion Land Survey lines now deeply etched into the landscape.
This is my contribution to the exhibition. 
Throughout history, many people have been told where their place is, whether a surveyed plot of land, a designated reservation, a placed they fled to or a legally enforced place of incarceration. 
Some have a long family history of living in one place with the passing of each generation reinforcing their feeling of belonging.
Others travel and respond intuitively to their surroundings sometimes arriving and knowing this is where they belong.
As a geographer, I explored one’s connection with the land. The other artists explored very different ‘Know Your Place’ associations. 
I do hope you can make it to the exhibition and see the works for yourself.
CACSP Community Arts Centre at Tulista Park, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney
April 11 – 17, 2016
Monday – Friday 10 – 4, Saturday and Sunday 12 – 4  

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