Lesley’s New Office/Library

We had lots of company over the summer and as a result felt we needed a better second guest bedroom. So we have had a shuffle around of rooms and furniture.
The work-out equipment was moved out of the room with the pull out couch/bed and into my library/office area, off the TV room. 
I moved my library/office into the now basically empty second guest bedroom.
During the move I had a ruthless purge of books etc, cutting 8 shelf units down to 7 but only so the whole library would fit along both long sides of the room.
I had to buy a new desk after vacating the built-in one.
I found someone who likes putting things together.

Isn’t it a pretty colour?

Here is the office part of the room. 
All it needs is the cork board to be put up above the desk.

Here is one of two walls of the library. The couch can now be easily pulled out to make a double bed. I’m sure our next lots of guests will enjoy sleeping with this arrangement rather than squeezing around sweaty work-out equipment.
Now it is time to get back to work.

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