Life Happenings

A new lot of work is boxed up and on its way out to the world.
I spent most of a day wrapping the work, making boxes to fit, printing address labels and sealing them up before taking them down to the Greyhound depot.
They are on their way to Winnipeg for the first Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters showing in Canada. The exhibition will be in Cre8ery Gallery during the Embroideres Association of Canada annual conference in Winnipeg.
The exhibition will include work by Material Girls from the UK.

After the marathon to finish and package up the work was over it was time to go outside to see what had been happening in my abscence.
I discovered we have an area of camas lily – a valuable find because it is not as common as it used to be when the bulbs were a carbohydrate food source for the First Nations peoples.

Then I noticed a new flower in amongst the grass.

But it turned out fallen flowers from the Arbutus tree growing overhead had been stabbed and caught by the spears of grass.
I describe the grass with battle terms because I am experimenting with different ways of getting rid of the allelopathic grass so natives can grow in their place.
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