Maple Cloth Stitching Progress

I called the October new moon ‘Falling Leaf Moon’ and worked autumn leaf colours into the bed sheet.
The hole was made after the stitching, while the cloth was on the tree. 

During ‘Wet Moon’, I added colours of decaying leaves lying on the ground within the tree’s drip circle.
The 3rd band, during ‘Frost Moon’ or ‘Long Night Moon’, I worked a colour study of the almost neon green lichens glowing on the bare tree’s bark. 

Buds appeared in January during ‘Cold Moon’ month.

For 4 moons I have worked bands of red noting a shift in the hue from a cool shade to a warmer more intense shade as the buds matured.
Once the whole bed sheet is stitched it will visually show the chromatic physiognomy (biological identity) of the tree.
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