Mark Making With Machine Course

Mark Making With Machine started at the Victoria College of Art this week. The students spent the day getting to know their sewing machines better and settled on a colour palette they want to work with.
Today I am preparing tray-dyed fabric samples for next week’s session. We will use Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn’s method because it is simple, an easy way to dye a lot of fabric, and a hands-on method for learning how to develop a colour scheme.

This tray has fabric folded in 6 different ways which will produce 6 different line and textural effects.

The 1st colour, a middle blue, was flooded on the bottom of the tray.

The 2nd colour, a warm blue, was poured over the top.
As well as the different folding producing different marks, we will also be working to produce a full gradation of values.
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  1. marny

    This was such a fun exercise when we dyed fabric in your class last year, Lesley. I know your current students are going to really enjoy it as well. I can't wait to see what they produce! Have fun!


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