Martha Cole Workshop

Last week the Vancouver Island Surface Design Association attended a professional development workshop facilitated by Martha Cole, fibre artist from Saskatchewan. The place and the day was significant because it was the inaugural workshop in Gloria Daly’s new studio.
She welcomed us all into her new workspace after having worked very hard to get it finished on time for the eagerly anticipated workshop.

Susan Purney-Mark gave the new studio a blessing with salt and bread, which made most people a bit weepy it was so heartfelt.

Gloria started with a lick of salt and the sharing of a piece of bread.

Then the plate was handed around the group while sitting in a circle – Kristin Rohr, Gayle McIvor, Martha Cole.
Gloria then lightened the mood by offering champagne and orange juice as her way of christening her new studio.
It was a great start to a most productive day, thanks to Martha, Gloria and Gloria’s new studio amongst the trees.

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