McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital

The show is over and it is time to take the exhibition down. It has been a most enjoyable experience to exhibit in this gallery. The staff & volunteers couldn’t do enough for us, the ambience of the space is nurturing and the visitors so appreciative. Donna & I are looking forward to exhibiting with our group Articulation in the McMullen in April/May/June 2009 with a new body of work resulting from our week together studying the architecture of downtown Winnipeg.
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  1. chrissythreads

    Hi Lesley,
    Looks like it was a great exhibition and what a wonderful gallery. You Canadians seem to have so many exhibiting opportunites and wonderful galleries in public spaces. Here in the UK (in my area East Anglia) you have to wait years to get gallery space as there are so few or pay thousands of pounds to exhibit in central London (average cost £3,000 per week for a decent sized space)which just isn’t feasible for most of us. My own exhibiting group has secured a contact in a school gallery but it isn’t ideal as acess is limited and viewing times severely restricted but its better than nothing. How’s the course going?


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