Mending, Shovelling, Putting Away

In between sorting and putting away resources I would go out and shovel.
One time, after coming back inside, I found the mending pile had grown to toppling height.
I dealt with it.

More shovelling but the sun is helping.
Awkward Selfie: I found this carpenter-type apron and have been wearing it to see if it would be useful.
It is. I could make one in an interesting fabric.

0 thoughts on “Mending, Shovelling, Putting Away

  1. Margaret

    Don't let American "spell check" get you down. Shovelling has two "Ls" in Canada. 🙂 (Yes, it's a private campaign of sorts…) 🙂

    Sorry you've been shovelling so late in the season!

  2. Miriam Weaver

    We've not had snow here at all this winter, just plenty of other wet stuff RAIN! So no shovelling here. The apron does look handy, don't forget to post a photograph when you've made one in your own fabrics.


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