More Articulation work at CQA

I am posting images of the Articulation exhibition at CQA on 2 different blogs – mine and Articulation’s.
Left – Ingrid’s “Night” is an abstract response to the city she has lived in for many years. There are lots of layers here: screen printing, applique, mark making by hand.
Middle – Gloria’s work started as a black piece of cloth that she discharged, cut up and reassembled. The black boarder is lost on the black curtain.
Right – My work. While I was researching the Tyndall stone quarried just outside Winnipeg, I found a reference to it also being known as ‘Tapestry Stone’, which just begged me to make a stone block in a tapestry technique.

Here are 2 different responses to being in the rain forest.
On the left is Donna’s work and I find her response as a prairie girl most interesting. With a life-long perspective of the flora being below her knees, she has emphasised the continual falling of leaves and debris from above as a unique aspect of the rain forest ecosystem.
The work on the right is Vickie’s. Her perspective is as a more distant observer looking at the rain forest as details move in and out of focus. She has a more atmospheric response.

The work on the right is Leann’s, another life-long prairie girl, and like Donna, she too responded to the mass of many greens and leaves falling from overhead.
The work on the left is Donna’s from the Winnipeg body of work. She explored in a number of works the ethnic diversity of the immigrants to Canada as they came to claim their grid-surveyed plot of land.

While in the rain forest on Vancouver Island, Vickie looked down and in the decay of an old stump saw new life growing. She layered 9 fabrics and, using the reverse applique technique, she revealed the stump’s growth rings and rotting core. She used stump work techniques to show the new sapling (nice pun there).

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