Morocco – A Country’s Food Is Always Interesting

Squash Stall, Middle Atlas Mountains

Carb Shop – pasta, beans, flours

Herb and Spice Shop
Date Shop
There are 24 different types of dates in Morocco.

Olive Shop
Eaten as an appie at lunch and dinner and as a snack anytime.

Olive Shop
Olives pickled in different vinegars, soaked in water to make olive water for cooking.

Vegetable Shop
Fresh winter vegetables come into the medinas every morning from the fertile interior farmlands.

Snail Shop

Escapees look down on the captives.

Cooked Snail Stall
Menu – In the Shell or Snail Soup

Camel Meat Shop
+ Sebastian – he heard a lot of comments as he walked the streets. Finally he asked our guide, Tahar, what people were saying. Tahar laughed because they were calling Sebastian ‘Ali Babar’. Ali  Babar had a red beard.

Spicy Olive Shop
Nougat Shop

Onion Delivery 

Fish Market, Essaouira

Freshly Squeezed Juice Shop
As we wandered through the different towns it was so refreshing not to see North American based, international fast food shops and their loud, in-your-face signage. 
We got the impression Moroccans still eat a lot of food prepared from scratch using fresh, locally grown vegetables, free-range raised animals for meat and dairy and many different native herbs and spices for their nutritional and medicinal effects.
There are restaurants, street stalls and hand-carts selling traditional fare and new restaurants featuring nouvelle cuisine still using local, fresh ingredients. 
A foody’s paradise.

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