New Studio: The Project Table and My First Project

Going into my new space to work, for the first time.

I decided the perfect first project was to work on making pillows for my Etsy shop Ravenmadeworks.
I hauled out my pile of ‘refreshed’ textiles and sorted through them on the Project Table.

I settled on a set of old Panamanian molas.
The Project Table is where I work through ideas while handling selected textiles and threads.
One of the top drawers contains all sorts of  methods for transfering designs, motifs and patterns on to cloth.

One side of the table’s end holds bolts of fabric. The Project Table’s solid side faces all of the windows.

The back shelves face the design wall and away from the windows and light. They hold machine threads.
The left drawer holds different types of scissors, tape measures, cutting rulers and other cutting tools.
The right-hand drawer is empty at present, but no doubt will be filled with things I find need while working at the Project Table.

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