While I was studying the Art Deco Movement, I put all of the images I collected up on my large design wall. I would group them and regroup them according to how my thoughts were developing. One thing that struck me was no matter how I rearranged the images they always had the same feel.
Then I saw the dominance of the colour orange.
Intense orange. It was bright and cheerful. Hopeful.
It reminded me of the 60s mood. Designers write about a revival of Art Deco at that time but I now think the 60s revival, with the reappearance of bright orange, was a reflection of the optimistic feelings of the time. It was the ‘dawning of the age of Aquarius’.
Now I am curious, has bright orange re-emerged every time there was a positive, uplifting, optimistic collective response to the times?
I am on the look out for bright orange.
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