Pattern Design For Artists

The students have spent the past couple of weeks learning how to make repeating patterns, developing their own designs then using them to create different patterns.
Connie cuts a quick, inexpensive corrugated cardboard stamp to trial a design.

Elisha created a design based on a building then translated it into foam stamps, one the mirror of the other so she could make a greater variety of patterns.

She chose one of 17 different patterns she could make with this stamp to print on a heavier weight cotton.

Charlotte is developing designs based on the pineapple.

Sarah is exploring pattern making with a design based on lines found on rocks.
She made quick foam stamps of the design in the positive and negative and the mirrors of both. These 4 stamps allow her to create a vast number of different patterns.  

Connie’s humming bird wing design is proving to be most successful.
She has produced many pleasing and promising patterns with it.

0 thoughts on “Pattern Design For Artists

  1. Margaret

    I confess I'm not fond of stamping, but I like the 'hummingbird' and the 'rock' patterns best. The latter resemble tire treads, which fascinates me.

  2. Lesley Turner

    Making patterns with stamps can be hard on the brain to do it without making a mistake. Using the computer is much easier. This course is prep for pattern making on the computer.


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