Penang’s Bikes, Bicycles, Motorbikes……

Bicycles made into street art

Bicycle Sculpture

Family/Tourist Cycle

Returning from the market passing motorbike as street art

Bicycle for going to market each morning

Motorbike carries produce bought at the early morning fresh market

Parking a bicycle in front of a shop on the 5 foot way

A 3-wheeler for carrying BIG loads

Motorbike with added carrying baskets

Modern bicycle with the ubiquitous plastic carry bag

Traditional fortune teller and customer beside a new motorbike

Trishaw taxi

Handy for getting out to the market and back without getting stuck in traffic jams

Reproductions of restored old rickshaws

Motorbike as art

Bike art up high

New and old

Different baskets and trays are attached to motorbikes to carry specific products

Moveable shop – fresh coconut milk and meat for sale

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