Photo Shoot in the Green Shed by Tony Bounsall

Tony Bounsall – Tony Bounsall Photo Design came to the Green Shed for a photo shoot.
Tony has been photographing my work for years because he really knows how to capture textiles.
Here he is setting up to photograph Barbara McCaffrey’s large work.

I thought this work would be a challenge because it is solid buttons that turn shiny under lights but Tony was up to it and produced a lovely image.
I pushed back all of the furniture to make a large space in front of the design wall.
I invited 3 other artists to also have their work photographed in the same session.
We were all applying for the juried exhibition ‘Eco-Threads’ and wanted our work to look the best.
I moved the furniture around in the studio again to be able to block some loooong knitting. I had to build up the lower cutting table to extend the flat surface to block on.

To block knitting I use wires to hold the edges out straight while the fabric is drying. Wool has memory and will hold this shape once it is dry.

I use a t-pins to hold the wires at the corners and at a few places along the edges.

I had made 2 bias knit scarves in kid mohair and hand dyed merino for birthday gifts. The birthdays were happening soon so I needed to get these finished and in the post.
Then it was back to continue working on the Synesthesia series.
The flexible studio space was put to the test this week and proved to work well.

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