While spring cleaning I gathered up all of the wool threads from pre-owned kits I had collected, having taken the fabric out for other projects.
I also looked again at a collection of fulled knit fabric that has been waiting patiently for me.
Donna Clement and I had dyed then knit then fulled bags of chunky yarns then we split up the results.

Several months ago I had bought Gail Callahan’s Color Grid and wanted to try it.
I put all 3 things together with scissors and a needle and stuffed them into a bag for a ‘To Go’ project.
While on a road trip I stitched.
It has possibilities.
Donna, have you done anything with your half?

One thought on “Sampling

  1. Donna

    No, I am still waiting for inspiration. But I do keep collecting felted wool 'grounds' to do some amazing stitching on for once I start!


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