SDA 2011 Gallery Day

I am attending the Surface Design Association conference in Minneapolis. After the Meet and Greet session the day was filled with gallery visits – too many to see all in one day so we had the difficult task of picking which ones we would go to.
One of my favourites of the day was work by Ann Hall Richards, called ‘Repetition Meditation Revelation’.
The image shows a large curtain of leaves.

Each leaf is hand stitched into a chain. Ann’s intention is to ‘transform common objects into contemporary and contemplative works that invite and even challenge the viewer to consider not only the content, but also the process and choice of materials.’ She was most successful with her intention.

I also enjoyed Teresa Paschke’s ‘New tools and Ancient Techniques’ work. She printed digital images of graffiti onto large cotton canvas surfaces then added her own exquisite hand stitched graffiti.

The butterfly and floral motifs and the obviously slow process employed to add her own marks were in such contrast in every way with the printed graffiti image.

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