SDA Conference Exhibition at the International Centre

The artists

The labels were intriguing.

Jay Rich, ‘Indigo Butterflies’

‘Indigo Butterflies’, detail – side view

Lisa Grey, ‘After the Fall’ series, 22″ h x 15″ w, leaf prints

Lisa Grey, ‘After the Fall’ series, 22″ h x 15″ w, leaf print

Lisa Grey, ‘Morphology I-XII’, 10″ x 10″, mixed media collage

Lisa Grey, ‘Morphology IX’
oops, this work is standing on its side and I can’t rotate an image while posting.
But don’t you think it still reads well and looks great?

..and another in the series.

There were so many other appealing works in this exhibition but I didn’t have time to photograph any more before it was time to get back onto the bus and head out to the next gallery.

SDA are to be congratulated on their exceptional organization of Gallery Day.
All members visited all of the exhibitions without any stress or overheating – quite an accomplishment in San Antonio summer heat!

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