SDA Conference – UTSA Graduates

With the conference being held in June we were in time to see a graduates’ exhibition at The University of Texas at San Antonio, in the Downtown Art Gallery.

I liked William Billy George’s work. He studied at the Appalachian Centre for Crafts.
I looked closely at the folded paper and saw stitched letters.

I read the label. He called it ‘Secret’, so I looked at the work again, this time trying to find more.
This is just what the title of a work should do for the viewer – give a clue to take them deeper into the work and make them look at the work again.

First place went to a work installed high on the wall, above other works, with only just enough light on it to see some detail.
Julie Shipman cut up and cut out sections of a weathered door and added what looked like corrugated cardboard. The label said Paverpol was used, probably to stiffen the cardboard.
It certainly was a strangely intriguing work – to see something so familiar looking so not right. A door on its side, stuck high on the wall, cut up and its insides showing. Hmmm…
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