SDA Members’ Exhibition

One of the best exhibitions (there were lots of ‘bests’) at the 2013 SDA conference was the Members’ Show ‘in~ter~face: connections’ in the SAY Si Gallery.
There were so many works to look at there wasn’t time to do justice to them all.
While doing a survey swoop of the space I saw reoccurring extreme texture.
I decided to spend my time looking for it.

Abby Sherrill

Side view of Abby’s embroidery.

Naomi Adams, ‘Duality’

Side View of Naomi’s work where she used batting, cotton fabric, cotton thread, textile paint and adhesives.

Marty Jonas’, ‘Ode to Marg’ 

Side view of Marty’s work.

Wendy Klotz, ‘Platonic Interfaces’

Side view of Wendy’s work where she seems to defy gravity.
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