Staining on Tree Cloths

By November 1st snow and cooler temperatures slowed down the rate of staining on the tree cloths.

In the darkness under the Cedar tree its cloth stayed wet and had decayed more rapidly than the others.

By November the Cedar tree cloth was in a fragile state.

over the summer and fall I had continued with other dialogues within the  Douglas-fir ecosystem. I laid a piece of cloth on the ground and left the leaves and debris fall on it. Each week I would uncover a corner, cut off a piece and bring it inside.

On windy days I tied a brush to a branch and held a framed cloth up for the tree to draw on.

Most of these dialogues suggested ideas I could take further but it was the tree cloths I decided to focus on for my BA(Hons) studies.
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0 thoughts on “Staining on Tree Cloths

  1. Margaret


    My on-going struggles: first, to learn to see that clearly; and second, to even think that esoterically, that far outside the box. I am in awe of how you do that!

  2. Lesley Turner

    Thanks Margaret but I often don't feel confident about what to do next. Many of the dialogues stopped when it was my turn to speak but there were always one or 2 where I knew how to respond


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