2 thoughts on “Stitching What I See

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Lesley,
    It seems to me that the trees have spoken just by being. Why don't you try to speak the same way: thread fifty needles with your favourite colours, then blindfold yourself, and just stitch on your own cloth. Allow anything to happen. Tangled threads and so on.
    Incidently I met you in Ottawa when the Capraras did their workshop. I was the one working with rust. I did manage to get my Diploma before the school closed. I still remember the lovely homage to Julia on your blog. Such a wonderful lady. I cherish those days with her.
    Joanne in Ontario

  2. Lesley Turner

    Hi Joanne – lovely to hear from you. Good to hear you managed to finish -congratulations – I am in a group of 10 that will be the last to get a degree from Opus/JC. Thanks for your excellent suggestion – i may follow up on that later. I have gone another route – watch this space to see where i went.


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