Studio Construction: Back To the Trench

A delivery truck dumped a load of sand that will go in the trench.

The trench will hold 2 different types of conduit full of different pipes and cables carrying all of the services to the studio. The water pipe has already been connected from the house main to the studio.

An early morning project meeting takes place between (from the left) Dave, lead carpenter, Ron, construction owner and lead trench digger, Jason, journeyman electrician, and Eric, journeyman electrician and owner of E M Electrical.

Eric decides the trench needs more work. Dave, Ron and I have to make it deeper and break up the huge rocks that would block the path of the pipes.

Meanwhile, 2 holes are drilled through the house foundation from the boiler/mechanical room to the outside. They are hard to see in this pic. This is where the power and other services will be taken from the house along the trench and across to the studio.
It was a wet cool day but the physical labour kept us warm. By the end of the day, we had the trench completed and ready for inspection.

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