Studio Construction – Crawlspace Floor Prep

I don’t know if you noticed in the previous post the pile of rusty metal mesh.
I noticed it and put a few pieces of vinegar-soaked cotton between the layers.

Even though the mesh was needed a few hours later, it did leave some worthwhile rust marks on the cloth.
The metal was needed to make the crawlspace foundation ready for the floor. 
Sheets of foam were laid down to insulate the floor against the cold soil. 
A water barrier was laid on top of the foam and sealed with tape. Remember, ‘no rising damp’ wanted here.
Next rebar (lengths of strong steel) were attached to the foundation wall and protruded out into the crawlspace floor area. This looks like where some strength is needed. I forgot to ask about this feature. 
Here is Jeff cutting the metal mesh to fit and cover the crawlspace foundation area.

Here is the foundation crawlspace ready for the concrete floor to be poured.

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