Studio Construction: Finishing the Walls

Cameron on Stilts
At the end of the clip, you can hear Cameron ask me if I have been waiting for him to use his stilts. I answered “Yes, I had been waiting all morning to catch him in action on them”.
Jordan and Cameron are tapers. They are doing an excellent job on the walls. They taped the joins, trowelled on wet plaster mud then left to wait for the plaster to dry. When they returned they sanded the plaster to a smooth finish.

Cameron holds a strong light at different angles while he sands so he can see any imperfections in the plaster.

Next, Marshall, the painter arrived. He wasn’t long putting the first coat on every surface.

Everyone has done such a good job the walls and ceiling are perfect.
Initially, I looked into alternative finishes for the interior but drywall and paint have lots going for them. Drywall has high resistance to mold if kept dry. It has a high fire resistance rating, provides rigidity to the wall and its acoustic rating is OK. It is relatively inexpensive and can be easily repaired. When it is plastered and sanded to a smooth finish then painted in a light colour it is a highly reflective surface. In my working area, I need to have even light without distorting shadows. I want to make the most of the light coming in the windows and the walls reflection of that light so the minimum amount of electrical lighting needs to be installed to do the job.
Time for me to do another vacuum.

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