Studio – Construction – Foundation Waterproofing

In a previous post, I showed the foundation being poured between foam Lego blocks, here
The next step was sticking a waterproof membrane to the outside of the foam blocks – see the blue layer above.
Next the foundation wrap, Delta – MS, was rolled out and nailed in place with orange fasteners that fit into the dimples with a nail driven into the centre.
The black mold strip is yet to be installed on top of the brown foundation wrap.

The wrap is rolled out on the outside of all of the foundation walls.

Here is a diagram from the roll wrapper showing how it protects the foam once the backfill is in place. The dimples channel all water away from the wall and down to the drain at the bottom of the foundation keeping the basement dry. There will be no ‘rising damp’ in this basement.

Here is the basement wall with its 2 waterproofing layers. An important feature of any building in a rainforest.

A carpenter’s tools.

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