Studio Construction: Furniture and Fittings

This is the project station, with its wheels attached. The open space is for long things, like bolts of fabric and long rulers.

Mick is asking us where we would like to have the drawer handles placed. It is hard to make an on the spot decision about something one hasn’t considered before.

Ron is assembling the faucet. He spent a lot of time in front of the computer trying to find the faucet I had described to him after working with different types in different studios. He was successful with his search and I am pleased.
Now to put it together.

Looking good.

After everyone had left I had a play moving the furniture into its correct place. The nearest unit, on the left, is the print station. The smaller one, on the right, is the dye station.

View from the other end of the room. This unit is the project station.
It is getting so close now I barely sleep at night.

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