Studio – Construction – Leveling the Ground

One morning, not long after it was light, a large truck arrived and backed up to the studio excavation site.
There were consultations and discussions and lots of looking at the plans.

The truck unfolded a conveyor belt from it’s back and dumped a wet, gravelly mix in a pile.
Then the carpenters got to work using the gravel to level the ground so they could build the form work for the footings. This stage seemed to take a long time but I understand how it is important to get it exactly right at this early stage.
I am posting about each stage of construction I observe, though my commentary will not be very enlightening because I have no knowledge of construction. However, I do find it all most interesting.
I have been inspired to document the construction of my studio after reading Wayne’s The Searsville Project,click here, blog. He has posted for 2 years showing how he and his wife, ReBecca have restored their over 100 year old farm house. I have so enjoyed reading about the process and looking at the many images Wayne has posted. Thanks for sharing, Wayne.

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