Studio Construction: Plumber’s Last Visit

This little beauty is an instant boiling water tank – big enough to fill a dye pot or a teapot. For my purposes it is an energy efficient way to get small amounts of water at the right temperature rather than running the faucet, boiling a jug of cold water or heating a pot of water on an element. It is cheaper and takes less energy to maintain a small amount of hot water than it does to heat it up from cold each time. I can turn the unit off when I know I will not be using it for a while.

The plumber installed several outside faucets near the planned garden beds.

Ron adjusted the motion sensor for the outside light. The way it was set our bedroom filled with light whenever a raccoon or cougar walked by at night. I need the light to come on only when going down to the crawlspace at night. 

Ron has painted the surround for the porch light.
The porch ‘dark-sky-safe’ light is in action. The Dark Sky organisation’s Fixture Seal of Approval program certifies outdoor lighting fixtures as being Dark Sky Friendly, meaning that they minimize glare while reducing light trespass and skyglow. All products approved in the program are required to be fully shielded and to minimize the amount of blue light in the nighttime environment. It is an important issue for my studio in the forest.

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