Studio Construction: Skilled and Unskilled Labour

Ron and I are at work, in the unskilled category.
I am working with small tools and hands to carefully clear around tree roots that go across the service trench.

Ron uses his strength to wrestle with large rocks he comes across in the trench.

Here is a video of Alex doing skilled work, cutting and shaping metal to clad the studio. He is an architectural sheet metal worker. He works with electrical power tools and a variety of hand tools. He carries the hand tools with him in a tool belt around his waist.

Alex instals a sticky foam strip with the same shape as the metal panel. It is stuck in behind the bottom of the panel. Its purpose is to stop the bug world from inhabiting the spaces between the metal and the Tyvek. No insect condominiums available here.

Then the panel is fixed in place with screws painted to match the colour of the metal sheet.
The headless person is sheet metal worker Michael.

Meanwhile, back in the trenches… I had covered the exposed roots with wet coffee sacks to keep them from drying out. But the coffee sacks must be treated with something because they don’t hold any water.

Plan B – I wrapped each root with a strip of wet wool blanket then covered them all with the coffee sacks. This plan appears to be working better.

Back to the studio. The large east wall has its first panel of corrugated sheet metal cut, shaped and attached.  It looks fabulous.

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