Studio Construction: Windows and Doors

Eric the electrician came back to add electrical outlets and wires. I was asked where I wanted power and light. I was able to be decisive with my answers, mostly because early on in the design process I had decided where everything was going to go inside the building.

The wires look to be colour coded.
Electricity is a mystery to me. Our daughter considered becoming and electrician because she sees wiring a building as solving a puzzle.

Big day – the windows are going in. Dave and James had to work together well to get the biggest windows in place.

The front door has a large glass panel to let light into the centre of the building.

Now it looks more like a habitable building.

The North facing side door giving access to the outside and down to the crawlspace.

The North facing crawlspace door.

The West loading doors to the crawlspace. I don’t plan to use these doors, but they are there in case I make really big art that needs to be stored in the crawlspace.

View of the SE side with all of its windows and doors.
Now the rain will no longer get inside the building. It is time to start drying out the wood on the inside. Ron and Dave installed dehumidifiers. Ron and I began vacuuming and cleaning all of the mud, sawdust, and sealer blobs off the framing and walls each night after the crews had left. We had only an hour or so before it was too dark inside to see. The electricity is hooked up yet.

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