Studio Design – Pattern Language #110 Main Entrance

Pattern Language #110 Main Entrance
Placing the main entrance (or main entrances) is perhaps the single most important step you can take during the evolution of the building plan.
The position of the main entrances controls the layout of the building. It controls the movement to and from the building, and all other decisions about layout flow from this decision….The entrance must be placed in such a way that people who approach the building see the entrance or some hint of where the entrance is, as soon as they see the building itself (p. 541).
The entrance to the studio is placed in the centre of the wall. This pleasing symmetry is reinforced by the matching sets of windows on either side. Garden beds built up in front of the building will create a winding path ending at the front door.
The porch sticks out beyond the building line (p. 543) emphasising where the main entrance is. Raised garden beds along the porch and arcade, either side of the steps up to the entrance, will also emphasise where the main entrance is along the wall of the building.
The Pattern Language also mentions the relative color of the entrance, the light and shade immediately around it, the presence of mouldings and ornaments, may all play a part too (p. 544). The black door with its plain door handle and minimal mouldings make the main entrance blend with the wall. This works with the general aim to have the building blend in with the surrounding forest. However with the full length of glass in the door there is a lot of play with reflected light and shade created by the sun shining through the trees over the day. It is like a changing picture on the wall as one walks along the winding path towards the door. Sometimes I see myself reflected as I walk towards the building. I hope this isn’t a bit disconcerting to others as they approach the door.
The Pattern Language solution to the placement and and shape of the main entrance is to place the main entrance of the building at the point where it can be seen immediately from the main avenues of approach and give it a bold, visible shape which stands out in front of the building (p. 544)
The studio’s main entrance does not fit this pattern as strongly as it could have because of wanting to make the building blend in with its surroundings but I am hoping the landscaping will work to strengthen this pattern.

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