Studio Design – Pattern Language #159 Light on Two Sides of Every Room

Pattern Language #159 Light on Two Sides of Every Room
Problem – ‘ When they have a choice, people will always gravitate to those rooms which have light on two sides, and leave the rooms which are lit from only one side unused and empty’ p. 747. ‘In rooms lit on one side the glare which surrounds people’s faces prevents people from understanding one another’ p. 748-9.
Solution – ‘Locate each room so that it has outdoor space outside it on at least two sides, and then place windows in these outdoor walls so that natural light falls into every room from more than one direction.’ p.750.
There is a step down into the sunny room where I go to read, stitch, have tea and contemplate. 
It has windows on 3 sides that look out into the forest.

Stitching Corner
‘This pattern, perhaps more than any other single pattern, determines the success or failure of a room.’ p. 747
My friend comes and joins me in the room for tea every day or so. Notice how well lit his face is.
‘The importance of this pattern lies partly in the social atmosphere it creates in the room. Rooms lit on two sides with natural light, create less glare around people and objects; this lets us see things more intricately; and most important, it allows us to read in detail the minute expressions that flash across people’s faces. the motion of their hands…. and thereby understand, more clearly, the meaning they are after. The light on two sides allows people to understand each other.’ p.748

The light had been perfect for stitching until the longer winter days. I have now brought in a floor lamp and Ron has put a higher wattage bulb into the overhead ceiling fixture.
Apart from that, the room is working very well and is such a lovely place to be in.

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