Studio Footwear and Laundry Centre

I received lots of comments and questions about my choice of Studio Footwear, as seen in this previous blog post.To answer you all, here are the details.
Outside: (Left) Suede, Danish-style clog. Brand – ‘Simple’. The best feature is when I step in soft soil the heel print says ‘past’ while the toe part has a forward pointing arrow and says ‘future.’
Inside, winter: (Middle) Shearling sheepskin suede, backless moccasin. Brand – Nuknuuk.
Inside, summer: (Right) Thong/jandle/flip flop with moulded sole and cloth straps. Brand: ‘Axign’. (Thank you sister for putting me onto these. And for letting me wear yours until you took me shopping to get my own pair.)
All are easy to slip on and off as I move in and out of the studio.
So there you have it.
Now to the Laundry Centre.
Regular laundering of cloth I will continue to do in the house.
Wash-out of dyed cloth I will do in the studio, beginning with the cold rinse in the big, deep tubs.

Since learning about Carol Soderlund’s wash-out method, the next step will be to simmer the cloth in a stock pot filled from the instant boiling water tank.
Out of the cupboard under the tubs I will lift out the spin dryer…

… and set the outlet spout over the tub. I put the cloth in the top, plug it in and away it goes, spinning out all excess water into the tub.
It is one of those appliances with lots of names all over it – The Laundry Alternative Inc., Nina Soft, Mueller Electrodomesticos (the best name). They also make/sell? a small, bullet shaped manually operated washing machine – appliances for those who live in small spaces.
After the spin, I will steam-iron cellulose fibres dry, a technique known as polishing. Protein fibres such as silk and wool I will dry on a rack in the shade before lightly steaming them.
This is the studio laundry process. 
I didn’t want 2 big machines when there is a set in the house. I didn’t want to make the studio plumbing more complicated than a single tub area. And I didn’t want to take up valuable studio space with machines at the expense of the horizontal work surfaces.
I’ll keep you posted on how this laundry system works out.

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