Studio: Pattern Language #104 Site Repair

For my studio design I started with pattern 104 Site Repair.
‘Buildings must always be built on those parts of the land which are in the worst condition, not the best.’
The idea is the building will improve the site and leave the beautiful places in tact.

We have a problematic area in our back yard that needs improving. 
During house construction 12 years ago, a septic tank and its accompanying field were built. Over the years the moiter ground has kept the Douglas-fir roots wetter than they like and they have become susceptible to root rot. During winter storms, a number of these weakened trees have been blown over and have fallen across the lawn. 
The fallen trees have made gaps in the forest canopy and changed the wind patterns making other trees susceptible to wind damage as they adjust to losing their companions. 

The Pattern Language  Site Repair Solution
‘On no account place buildings in places which are most beautiful. In fact, do the opposite. Consider the site and its buildings as a single living eco-system. Leave those areas that are most precious, beautiful, comfortable, and healthy as they are, and build new structures in those parts of the site which are least pleasant now.’ (p. 511)
I walked around the septic tank and field area placing stakes and tape while visualising a building tucked in the gap between the trees. Somewhere within this area is where the studio will be built.

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