Studio Tidy-up

With my new sewing machine in hospital, I hauled out my old one to continue the cord making.
No sooner had I started to sew when I smelt a burning electrical smell had heard a crackling sound coming out of the motor.
So I packed up the machine and took it off to the hospital too.

What to do without a sewing machine for ‘7 to 10 days’?
A studio tidy-up would be a good use of time.
For my birthday I was given this compact little ‘thing’ that is a speaker for music I have playing on my tablet or laptop which is in another room in my admin area. It means I can have my music playing right beside me where I am working. It also does double duty as a charger for various devices.

It also meant I could get rid of this archaic collection that I had been using as a speaker system. Nothing else works on it any longer.
This purging cleared a shelf in  my studio for storing valuable stuff nearby – exactly what is yet to be determined.

While sorting through a box of threads and haberdashery I got at an auction I found this treasure.

Just like the stereo with CD player, cassette player, and amplifier this ruler records a vocabulary most of us are no longer familiar with.
How are a firkin, barrel and hogshead related?
It is like a Trivial Pursuit question.
OK, studio is back in order. I now need my machines back.
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