Succession/Regression at CQA

Over a number of earlier posts I showed you the development of some work for Articulation’s Rain Forest body of work. I couldn’t show you the finished work because we had a contract to have a certain amount of new work at the Canadian Quilters’ Assoc conference in Calgary.
And here they are, out in the world for the first time.
On the left, ‘Regression’, on the right ‘Succession’
Once it was hung I was thinking about how they were made to be suspended from a ceiling, to be viewed from all sides. And how they don’t look as full of life against black curtains with low light.

But once these  2 children ran up to the work and sat down in front of it, I felt everything was alright.
 The boy called out to his mother, “Look Mom, its real.” I just had to take a picture (with Mom’s permission).
The children’s reaction to my work made me feel it was successful. I had achieved what I had intended with the work.

This reminds me of that classic photograph ‘Babes in the Wood’.

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