Summer 2013 ‘To Go’ Project

Early summer I made up a ‘To Go’ project, something I could take with me to work on while travelling.
It had to be self sufficient, small and take a long time.
I started with a card a friend sent me for inspiration. She knows I love hens.

The bantam is a childhood memory of watching them in my grandparents’ large vegetable garden and helping Nana shoo them into their coop each night.

I found a piece of even weave another friend had given me.

I found a charted hen motif in an old kit and coloured it with bantam colours.
 I picked floss colours for the hen and the background.

And packed it all in a small bag with a tiny pair of scissors.
I traveled with this project all summer, successfully getting through all airport securities without having anything confiscated.
I traveled on different modes of transport and stayed at different places without loosing any tools or thread.
 I was able to work on planes, ferries and in cars. It satisfied my urge to stitch on many occasions while travelling.
It is nearly finished, as is summer.

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