Synesthesia #1 Yellow

Synesthesia is a condition where one mixes up the senses eg seeing a sound as a shape or tasting a colour.
I don’t have synesthesia but I do see each colour as having a certain energy or movement.
Starting with yellow – the chameleon with rays of energy – I sorted fabrics and threads.

Using my camera set on black/white I looked through the lens to check values.

Snippets of fabric and yarns built up the ground.

Thread painting by machine.
I had wanted to mount the work over a deep stretched canvas frame but ran into difficulty trying to fold the thick, stiff ground around the corners. I compromised and mounted the work in a thin black frame. I still think the stretched canvas would have been more dynamic for this series. Oh well.
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0 thoughts on “Synesthesia #1 Yellow

  1. Margaret

    Two thoughts:

    1. About the stretched canvas: could you attach a thinner 'border' to it and wrap the canvas with that?

    2. I found it interesting that you changed the orientation from one photo to the next. The "WIP" photo seemed to show yellow bursting forth from a greener base; the "finished" photo seemed to show the greener base like a vessel, pouring out yellow gold… Interesting, that!

  2. Lesley Turner

    Thanks for you suggestion re framing. Yes, i could attach a border, even make it fitted. i will try that with the next one.
    I like seeing what you see in the different orientations for the work. Thanks for your helpful feedback, once again.


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