Synesthesia #2

Using my trusty Color Tool I sort fabrics and threads for the 2nd work in the Synesthesia series.

The high value threads and fabrics I have in my stash are mostly low in intensity.

The mid value fabrics and threads are also mostly low in intensity.

The low value fabrics and threads are brighter. 

A quick black and white photograph to check the value of the patterned fabric, a lovely silk I really want to use.

Hmm, use high value low intensity…

…or mid to low value with higher intensity?
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  1. Margaret

    I've been away at SAQA conference in Santa Fe — browns in varying values and intensities. These greens are so fresh after that — hard to know what to say! But…I agree with Nicole…though that lime piece will need careful watching to make sure she behaves! 🙂


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