Textile Treasures Exhibition – Mark Makers at Tulista Gallery, Sidney

The Mark Makers are exhibiting again!
Here is a peek at what they have produced over the past couple of years.
This is the view as one walks into the gallery – wearable art and 2D and 3D wet felt.

To the right are the results of a challenge to produce interpretations of the Melford Messenger Bag with a focus on upcycling, recycling and embellishment.

To the left – 2 different ways of working on top of a printed image.

Wet felted wall hanging, upcycled jacquard linen table cloth transformed into a blouse, embellished bags. 

Exploring the water and sky themes.

Upcycled pillows, soft sculptures and wearable art.
Hand and machine stitched framed wall pieces.

Art dolls, soft sculpture, wet felted forms.
Wet felted hats, scarf, bag, neck art.

Hand and machine 2D and 3D fibre art.

The alcove has a display of old traditional, handmade textiles from the 5 continents. They illustrate the history, techniques and skill mastery behind the Mark Makers’ work.
This is just a taste of what is on display at the Tulista Gallery in Sidney, until May 1st.
There will be artists in attendance every day to answer your questions and to tell you the stories.

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