Textiles of India

I have just returned from a 3 week textile tour of northern India with Indian Romance, out of the UK. We attended workshops with master craftsmen & artisans, watched demonstrations and visited museums. We spent most of our time in Gujarat and Rajastan where textiles continue to play an important part in people’s lives.
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0 thoughts on “Textiles of India

  1. Kutch Adventures

    Dear Lesley..

    What a wonderful Blog you have made with lot of inspiring photographs..

    I’m so glad to view it and feel very proud to be with you during your Indian Romance Tour in Kutch..

    in 1 sentence “you are my inspiration”

  2. Anonymous

    Lesley, we should meet. I have worked with the Mutwa for many years and know the individuals in your photos. I am in Calgary at the Nickle.


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