Things Textiley in Greece: Peloponnese Peninsula Traditional Costumes

Vocha, Corinthia, Greece, early 20th century
Layers of wool and cotton heavily embroidered. Silver ornament.

Belesi, Argolid, Greece, early 20th century
The heavily embroidered red vest is all the more eye-catching when worn with the white over-vest.

The many different types of embroidery reflect the many outside influences over Greece’s long history.
Turkish influences in style, techniques and materials.

Both men’s and women’s garments were densely embroidered…

….while in some areas they were elegantly simple.
Women’s costume from Hydra in the 20th century.
The wide -sleeved blouse with the fitted, woollen, embroidered jacket are elements seen in the current Evzone guard uniform I looked at in the previous post.


Man’s dress ‘Kanavista’ of the Argolid plain, Peloponnese, early 20th century.
I’m sorry about the quality of this image because I just love this garment.
It looks simple but close inspection shows the masterful use of a plaid material. 
The padded areas over the shoulders and across the chest and the ease of movement allowed by the pleated skirt suggest it is derived from a working garment or a garment worn in battle.

And I thought different coloured buttons on a garment was a contemporary thing.
The many layers of multi-directional pieces would add strength and warmth to the fabric

Bridal costume, Argos, Peloponnese, 19th century
This is an interesting bridal costume because it showcases so many different fabrics, embroidery techniques and threads all on one garment.

Apron: Appliqued ribbon, rick rack and lace.
Pin tucks, lace inserts and ribbon rosettes.
Machine made.

Cross stitch on cotton and woollen fabrics.
Blackwork in running stitches and whitework using satin stitches.
Densely worked wool on wool in a variety of stitches.
Hand embroidered.
Is the bride showcasing her embroidery and dressmaking skills?
Modern Greeks dressed to be outside for a cold winter’s afternoon on a public holiday.

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